Well, not exactly.  But it is making them scramble to keep up.  According to TechCrunch “…more and more consumers use their phones for both business and product search and purchasing.”  The article also mentions a Google SVP who said “mobile search queries have grown five times over the past couple of years” and that Google mobile searches grew 130% in Q3 2010.  


Why does this matter? Because it changesthe game for marketers.  There is more competition to reach you than ever before, and major labels like Calvin Klein and Verizon have already thrown their hats into the ring to reach you on a moble level.  I found an article on Mashable that compares the three emerging technologies that “Link the Real-World to the Web.”    

  • Quick Response (QR) Codes
  • Near Field Communicatinos (NFC) Tags
  • Visual Recognition Technology

Here’s a table that I created from the Mashable.com Article about these three emerging technologies:  

Comparison Table of Technologies Presented in Mashable.com Article

Comparison Table of Technologies Presented in Mashable.com Article



Now that you are using your smartphone to answer everyday questions about restaurants, activities, products, services and trivia, the major corporate players are vying to get your attention.  Do you use any of these technologies?  Which mobile apps do you recommend for each?   



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