RedLaser is one of the simplest, broadest-reaching apps on my iPhone right now.  This app can be used in a museum, in the airport, in a restaurant and in your living room.  It is helpful to the frugal shopper, the inquisitive tech junkie and even the avid reader.  The only thing you need to get started is an iPhone connected to the App Store.

Why I Love RedLaser

  1. I think QR Codes in print media are super cool! The whole process is so much faster than copying a link and emailing it to myself.
  2. Also, QR Codes condense a lot of information into a little tiny space, so you have more room for compelling images in your print media and you waste less space on details.
  3. The Barcode Reader makes it quicker for me to find and purchase cool items from anywhere.

What RedLaser Does

  1. It reads Barcodes on almost anything, and pulls up web links related to that item.  Example: If I were about to buy a book at a bookstore, I could scan the barcode with RedLaser to see if the book is available anywhere else at a cheaper price.
  2. It reads QR Codes – which are a relatively new way to link a lot of information to a little code, and send that information to your smartphone.  Example: When I was at Volcano National Park in Hawaii, there were QR Codes posted on some of the exhibits.  I just held my phone up to the code and a webpage with all of the information about the exhibit was sent right to my phone.  There are major implications for developers of print media regarding the use of these codes. 


Click here to download Redlaser on your iPhone


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